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What We Offer

The United Kingdom TaeKwonDo Network’s only aim is to provide a resource for all those in the network, where all U.K. clubs can advertise their events and encourage all TaeKwonDo groups to unite as one and put the founders’ dream back in place. One TaeKwonDo is vital, which is why the L.T.S.I. (our sponsors) have pushed hard for over a decade to bring all affiliations back together.

We try to bring all affiliations back together at events organised by our sponsors and network members – these will offer the best quality and magical experience money can provide.

We do not recognise any of the I.T.F.’s as ‘the real one’, only that they are TaeKwonDo and all come from the same tree. We are about unity and quality always.

Putting it simply, we are a network of like minded U.K. groups that promotes the spirit of justice across the board in TaeKwonDo. We will provide FREE umpire courses annually and will promote all network members events and clubs equally. If a network member is derogatory about any other member, they will be warned and removed to preserve peace in the network.

  • Our guests agree great organisation always 93%
  • Our guests agree safe contact levels in place 85%
  • Our guests say many friendships are made 97%


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Welcome to the United Kingdom TaeKwonDo Network, the official network for U.K. TaeKwonDo clubs that work with the Lions TaeKwonDo Schools Independent (our sponsors). This site has been put together to assist all clubs that attend L.T.S.I. events and the promotion of their club /group websites.

U.K. residents will find quality like minded Martial Arts clubs that are not tangled up with politics of the art. The network is not a council or governing body, but an umbrella to assist local communities with finding a suitable TaeKwonDo club in your area.

U.K. clubs should contact our web designer to get their groups / clubs listed if they feel they have been left off the directory by emailing ltsihq@sky.com.

All U.K. TaeKwonDo groups promote themselves via their own websites and, putting it simply, we are here to promote all groups that attend L.T.S.I. tournaments as they are part of our family..

We have many Independent and I.T.F. Masters in the U.K. who can offer seminars and courses to clubs / groups found on this site. Everyone can use the links to their pages to arrange courses / seminars privately with them.

This site is sponsored and owned by the  (L.T.S.I.) Рwe are based in Hertfordshire and our senior coach is Master Snow, VII Dan Black Belt.

We hope you all enjoy our site.

Kind Regards

U.K.T.N. Webmaster

BUTL British Uni Championships

We would like to invite you to the 2017 British University Taekwondo League Championships. The BUTL is the fast growing sports league for all Taekwondo practitoners at University. We have concluded our 2nd League Year (16/17) with a record breaking 342 competitors...

Count Down to the XV South East Opens 2018








We started attending L.T.S.I. events five years ago. These events are extremely well ran – the organisers always try to make everyone feel welcome, so it’s a thumbs up from me.

Paul Palcic, 6th Degree

Senior Coach at Palcic TaeKwonDo

My clubs have attended the L.T.S.I. events from day one. From 2004 to now, the events have just got better and the talent of those attending now is testiment of all clubs upping their game to become the best.

Stuart Anslow, 5th Degree

Senior Coach at Rayners Lane T.K.D.

We at Heart of England have been to a number of these events – they are real open events that our students love. I enjoy refereeing them, as you get to see some amazing standards.

Deb Wadsley, 4th Degree

Centre Referee / Instructor

L.T.S.I. Tournaments are hosted at the Hertfordshire University:

Hertfordshire Sports Complex

St Albans TaeKwonDo LTSI HQ

London Colney TaeKwonDo